Returning your purchase is  possible of course. Returns are allowed within 14 days of your purchase. You do not have to indicate the reason for return, but of course we would like to hear this, so we can continue to improve.
The costs of returns will be for your own account. The costs differ per carrier, package and country. The product that is returned must be returned in its original condition and packaging. This means that the products must be undamaged and clean.
We strive to credit the amount due as soon as possible after receipt. This will be within 14 days at most.
How to return:
Email your name, address and product details to Info.chainium@gmail.com so we know your package is on it’s way!
The package can be sent to:
Sillan 111
9055MA Britsum
The Netherlands
Do you have a complaint about your product? I think that’s terrible. I would therefore like to look for a suitable solution together with you. You can report complaints via info.chainium@gmail.com

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