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Vision and Mission

Vision We started selling our bracelets in 2020. First only for friends and family. We soon saw that it was considered a very popular and original product. Then we decided to start a webshop to offer it to a wider audience. It’s not just a bracelet for fun or to look good, you’re part of a movement. A daily reminder on your wrist to be aware of recycling and reusable materials.

Dutch Product Our products are handmade. The chain links are from repaired Dutch bicycles from a local workshop. After repairing a chain, a few links remain. Normally these are thrown away. We clean and reuse them. The rope we use is made from recycled plastic bottles that can no longer serve as packaging material. This process takes place in a Dutch factory.

Mission Our world is already full of waste; it is therefore time to use our raw materials in a smarter way. Our mission is to make more products in a responsible way. Expand with different reusable materials. In this way we contribute to a better world for people and nature.

Recycled Material Chain links and rope are both recycled products. The shipping package and flyers we use are also made from recycled paper. The air cushion to protect the products during shipping is easy to separate from the envelope. This way you can easily throw it away in the right garbage can. We are still busy improving our products. Do you like our product or do you have ideas for us to do even better? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us! Mail us or write a message via social media.

Free Shipping Free shipping applies worldwide on all our products! The package fits through the letterbox so you do not have to stay at home for this. For more information about shipping, see the Shipping Details page.




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